Something I love sharing most on my blog is my opinions. From beauty reviews to real life situations I have a lot of thoughts about many things in the world, especially when it comes to fashion. You’ve either clicked on this blog post thinking “isn’t fashion all women anyway?” and you’re intrigued as to how the fashion industry couldn’t possibly be anything but female dominated? Or you’re skeptical about the statement and clicked on it to find out more on the subject. Whatever the case, this is why we need more women in fashion..

Let’s start by listing some high fashion designers that we all know and love; Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Guccio Gucci, Franco Moschino, Gabriella Chanel, Mario Prada, Gianno Versace, Thomas Burberry and so on.. This might look like a way just for me to get my point across but these are the most popular high fashion brands known worldwide and how many of these designers can you tell me are women? Thank God for Chanel.


But that was then and it’s now 2019, so how many high fashion designers are women now? Not enough is my answer. Whilst I love Riccardo Tisci’s designs for Burberry I would love to see Burberry to have their first ever female designer, especially with them being a British brand and one of the oldest (1856). It would be nice to see brands with designs from a women’s creativity once in awhile.

Although the industry is unfortunately a lot more male dominated a few female designers that should get the praise they deserve are; Maria Grazia Chiuri who is the first ever female designer for Dior, Natacha Ramsay-Levi who is the present designer for Chloé, Stella McCartney for opening her fashion brand in 2001 and it becoming a major success, of course Victoria Beckham for creating her own fashion brand also, and Donatello Versace for creating amazing timeless designs while continuing her brothers legacy.

There are many, many more female designers than this that deserve recognition for not only their creative designs but their power to strive in the industry.

In London Fashion Week spring/summer 2018 I attended a talk on the topic of women in fashion. A group of 4 empowering women talked about their experience encountering sexism in the industry and how they would help other women out by using their ideas of feminism. A lingerie designer called Marie Yeung (founder of Marieyat) discussed how she would always try her best to hire a female photographer as not only would her models feel more comfortable but it gives women more opportunities to show what they’re capable of. She explained how male photographers are more likely to get chosen for shoots over women as well as getting paid more simply because they’re seen as stronger and more powering, unfortunately even within the fashion industry.

Now, let’s talk about magazines. How many male models do you see in the Vogue magazine? I’ll take a guess of around 5% and the rest are female. Although this sounds like an amazing achievement for women, Vogue is a magazine aimed entirely for a female audience. How many women appear in GQ or Fantastic Man? Magazines that are targeted at men involve no female models apart from the explicit magazines where they’re sexualised and used as props other than personalities. Fashion needs to be more inclusive to every gender, race, religion and background without it being a big deal.

So how come almost every fashion influencer on Instagram is female? Although Ronaldo has the most ever followers on Instagram, there’s no doubt that women run the app like Greta Thunberg’s running the planet. If a girl see’s an account with similar fashion taste to her she is almost 100% going to follow it, if a new and upcoming model posts an image in a new collection from a brand that you love then you’re 99.9% going to follow her to see more. Do we care about what men are wearing? No. We want to follow women that inspire our style and influence us into buying the latest items and that’s why the majority of fashion influencers that are women have female followers. The men that follow them are either interested in female fashion too or more realistically drooling over them.

So what should we do? I’m not saying that every women should drop their things and start designing but next time you go out shopping maybe aim more towards female designers and do your research before hand as some brands are known to treat women unfairly and it could even be the brand you’re wearing right now. Little things like this can make a hell of a difference and help shape the fashion industry into a more diverse, fairer community.


Thank you for reading, if you have any questions be sure to let me know in the comments! Have a great weekend and remember nothing is too little to help out!

Disclaimer = all of the outfits in this post were tried on but never bought (sigh).

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