Welcome back to another fashion blog post finally! Since I’ve been inspired majorly by the H&M X Giambattista Valli new collection I was intrigued to who else H&M have collaborated with to provide luxurious good quality items that look a lot more expensive as to what’s normally on the high street.

After searching the website, it didn’t take long for me to find their latest collaboration  plastered all over their website’s home page. H&M have teamed with Pringle of Scotland to provide a series of knits, including fine-knit leggings, jacquard-knit jumpers, jacquard knit skirts and turtleneck dresses and long sleeved tee’s.  In summery, the perfect knits for this upcoming winter.

I managed to get my hands on two outfits so I could style and try the collaboration out for myself, and this is I came to think of it..


This was the first outfit I styled. I saw this knitted turtleneck in the H&M shop window way before I bought it. The embroidery immediately caught my attention and I knew then and there that I’d love it. After ordering it online, I can safely say that it lived up to my expectations. It’s a very cliche British styled jumper, with its puffed pleated sleeves and turtleneck. Since it’s grey, it isn’t exactly the hardest thing to style but keeping it in check with the classy rather than trashy side it’s best worn with a neutral colour so for me it just had to be black.

A bonus from the fine-knit skirt is that it’s high waisted. It goes right past your waist to define your flawless body shape. You can tuck the jumper in or leave it how it is depending on your style and both ways look great. For its price, it is SUCH great quality. The items together created a very coordinated and Scottish-esque appeal to them and this outfit by far had to be my favourite.

Link to buy: Knitted turtleneck jumper

Fine-knit skirt


The next outfit consists of a matching fine-knit skirt and jumper. The skirt is calf-length with contrasting white stripes down the front as well as a slit to show a lil leg off. Again, it’s high waisted and elasticated, defining your body shape perfectly without being too tight. The jumper had the same contrasting white stripes and the Pringle slogan across the front. Although there were a lot of white diagonal lines going on in this outfit, it all managed to pull together nicely looking chic and almost Parisian thanks to the hat haha.


All of the materials used are recyclable which I’m so pleased to hear, and I feel as though this is the beginning of a big change for the industry of fashion. For the price of these items and the luxurious quality, I could not recommend this collection enough!  It is definitely one to invest in and will keep you looking fashionable but cozy this winter.

If you’d like more content on collaborations with brands or any fashion related content you’d like to suggest in general then please let me know in the comments as I’m always happy to explore new ideas.

Thank you for reading x

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