I CANNOT explain to you guys how long I’ve been wanting to get my hands on this book but kept finding excuses to not splurge £25 on a hardback (sorry Michelle). As you can imagine I was over the moon when my mum’s friend lent it to me and I began reading it the second it was given to me – literally I opened it on the car journey home from college.

As soon as I read the gripping preface of an insight to what Michelle Obama’s life is like now, I knew how much I was going to like the book – and I was not disappointed!

It shows the ups and downs in Michelle Obamas life from her childhood and her family life to meeting Barack but not at first happy with him running for president. It shows exactly what was in her mind at the time and gives her truthful opinions on life as being the First Lady and raising her two girls in The White House.

It’s a very heartfelt biography, with the loses of family and friends that were close to Michelle’s heart.  It covers what her childhood and upbringing was like and how that made her the powerful, hardworking woman she is today. It also covers experiences from kindergarten, to high school to choosing what she really wants out of life in college in Chicago, she puts emphasis on little occurrences such as playing the piano on stage in front of an audience in Kindergarten and uses that as a technique of growing and where she began to first put herself forward in front of crowds of people which as you can guess definitely came in handy as preparation for her future.

From the first chapter ‘Becoming me’ to when Michelle meets Barack during her job, the chapter then goes onto ‘Becoming Us’, describing their relationship together. Michelle explains the ups and downs of the relationship and how after time she began to hate politics and the time it took Barack away from her and after their marriage, their two little girls: Malia and Sasha.

The biography shows Michelle’s ideas of the way she wanted to raise her children but how hard it was with Barack working long hours and going on work trips a few days a week. After Barack announced his run for Presidency, Michelle admitted she found it hard raising both her daughters, working in a job she loved and also campaigning with Barack. There was a time that she got promoted in her job at the hospital and instead of the press considering how hardworking and talented she was, they evoked that it was only because her husband could be the next President. Michelle explained how these things would get to her and how she was scared that people would no longer see who she really was but just the President’s wife.


Of course Michelle Obama was and always will be much more that that. The biography emphasizes Michelle’s determination to do so much more than any First Lady has ever done. When Barack won the election, Michelle did so much for so many people and fought for what she truly believed in. She started a veg garden for children to learn about what they’re eating and overall decreased the levels of obesity in America by the time they left the White House. Michelle helped find jobs for families of men in the military who would have to travel around the country continuously to fight for America and she raised two powerful young women all whilst doing this. (Girl Power at its finest)

To me, it would be strange if you didn’t class Michelle Obama as an inspiring role model. She is a powerful, hardworking, strong woman who has helped shaped the history of America. If you have been indecisive whether or not to buy this book, I have to say you are really missing out and it is probably one of the most important books to read on the market right now due to how inspiring it is, especially for women.

Thank you for reading, I hope I have persuaded you guys to read this biography, and if you already have let me know what you think about it in the comments below!

Link to buy: Becoming Michelle Obama

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  1. Bibliobibuli says:

    It’s a really great book! Michelle Obama is really inspiring. Even her documentary “Becoming” on Netflix is also so good!🙌🏻🌸


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