Hey guys, finally Christmas is almost here. For the start of this festive season I though I’d include a book guide so you guys can pick your perfect festive books to get you in the mood for Christmas this year. I’ve read some great once that are all entirely works of fiction but each are enjoyable in their own different way. So getting straight into it here’s 4 novels to get you into the festive spirit this Christmas:


A Christmas Cracker by Trisha Ashley 

I actually read this book at Christmas time last year, but I remember it clearly. It’s a quick and enjoyable read that sets you in the mood for the most magical time of the year. It’s based around a character named Tabby who finds herself jobless, single and pet-less after being framed for a crime she didn’t commit. After loosing all hope, a women called Mercy comes to the rescue and offers Tabby a job at her Christmas cracker business which Tabby gratefully accepts and begins living in their country house.

Everything is going swiftly until Mercy’s son is down and claiming Tabby to be the fraudster everyone thought she was. Tabby’s only obstacle keeping her from being happy now is Mercy’s son and she must face his annoyance before Christmas time rolls around so they can work together to decorate the new factory for visitors.

Tabby’s Christmas ends up being one she won’t forget. The story’s a real page turner and will for sure get you in the Christmas spirit wanting to get all your festive foods out and really start decorating your house for this magical season. It’s an enjoyable story and is beautifully written. It’s a warming story and in all honestly I’m going to be re-reading it probably every Christmas time by the fire place just because of how easy-reading and festive it was.

The Christmas Promise by Sue Moorcroft 

This novel’s perfect if you’re looking for a good Christmas romance. The main character Ava Blissham is a hat maker and just recently split with her toxic boyfriend where she keeps bumping into him on multiple unexpected occasions. When he bring back a past picture that can ultimately lead Ava Blissham’s career to be over, Ava feels threatened and wants nothing more than for it to stop.

The saying ‘bad things happen so that better things fall into place’ is apparent in this novel. It shows how Ava suffered but then found happiness. It shows how love can be tested but then the truth always falls into place at some point. It has elements of tragedy and betrayal as well as happiness and forgiveness. It’s an easy read that once you start you don’t want to put down until it’s over! Definitely a great one to get you into the festive spirit.

Make a Christmas Wish by Julia Williams

Okay this one was kinda crazy. Imagine a ghost coming back to life and haunting its old family at Christmas time… yeah crazy right. Well this novel was all about just that. Last Christmas the main character Livvy was knocked down in a car accident and unfortunately died. But Livvy isn’t yet ready to accept that.

A year later when her husband gets a new women Livvy becomes furious and worries about how her son is going to handle it. She has this last Christmas to make her family happy without her, but whether she can let go of her grudge towards her husbands new woman is the problem.

It involves paranormal activity but in a comedy sense. It’s not serious and will 100% not give you nightmares lol. It’s enjoyable but obviously not realistic. I went through it pretty fast because of how fun it was to read and I think if this is the kind of thing you enjoy reading then you will definitely enjoy this novel this Christmas.

It’s a Wonderful Life by Julia Williams

Another novel by Julia Williams, that means I must be a fan of her work right? This one is a lot less hectic than ‘Make a Christmas Wish’ let me start by saying that! It’s another journey of love of course.. (starting to see a theme here with these Christmas books). It’s shows the journey of a married couple and how past relationships and feelings can intervene in their relationship.

Whilst the main character Lou is happily married with a family, her sister Beth is single and childless and is an adult who hasn’t yet come out to her parents. It’s a very heartfelt Christmas novel which shows the highs and lows of any relationship especially during the Christmas time. It’s written from the perspective of Lou (the main character), Beth (Lou’s sister) and Daniel (Lou’s husband) so you really get a sense of what’s going on in each of their lives. It’s again easy to read and has a suspense that keeps you going.


Thank you for reading! I hope you all enjoy the Christmas season if you celebrate and read some great festive novels throughout the month. If you have any other recommendations please let me know in the comments as I’m always open to new books to read!


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