When I say “getting outdoors”, this isn’t specifically telling you all to check out Snowdon or go hiking up your local mountains (which by all means do but make sure it’s safe because of ice risks) but I’m telling you guys to just leave the house and experience what the Winter Season has to offer.

I know, I know, I only just did a post about the importance of getting outdoors and what you can achieve from it, but the difference between the outside atmosphere  in the Autumn and Winter is without realizing it: huge. Coming from a family who likes to go up mountains as a fun activity to do when they’re bored and go on adventures around cities at Christmas time, the winter is always one of my favorite seasons to see the world by getting outdoors and experiencing new things and new foods.

Everyone will have their own individual ways that they prefer to do this. I have a friend currently in Denmark and loving the Copenhagen Christmas markets, One of my other friend’s family are currently in Disney Land Paris, I on the other hand took a family trip to the Manchester Christmas Markets and love to go and get some fresh air once in awhile by taking a stroll with my mum along the beach. All of these are ways to get outdoors this winter whilst being suited for our individual preferences.

The difference between what you see in the Autumn vs what you see in the Winter is mainly the festive season starting to make an appearance. My town has a lot of houses that are worth going to look at for OTT Christmas lights and decorations and wrapping up warm and taking a walk around all these neighborhoods is a perfect way to get you outdoors whilst also being entertaining.  Next time when you’re walking somewhere in the evening maybe take a detour and look at all the Christmas lights on your way, not only are you being more active but it will also get you more into the Festive spirit too.

The snow on the mountains is also always such a beautiful thing to see. During the Winter season it isn’t always the safest option to go up it but seeing them all white up close is such a great way to get outdoors and experience nature walks this Winter. If you don’t live near any mountains, there’s likely to still be nature walks in your town where you can take the time to go out and refresh your energy, preparing yourself for the Christmas chaos you’re likely just about to encounter.

The Christmas Markets are always such a magical thing to experience every year. Unfortunately for me on the day I went, the rain did not stop.. I know already from growing up in Britain how many layers you need to wear in the winter time and thanks to this North Face coat (all links at the bottom) I kept warm and rather dry despite my wet hair from when I stupidly didn’t put my hood up.

The Christmas markets (especially the ones in Manchester) are perfect for all the family. There’s food, unique gift ideas, food, clothes stalls, oh and more food. If you’re stuck trying to find a present for that one awkward person who you never know what to get, then you’re likely to find the perfect thing at the Markets. It’s somewhere that sells near enough everything unique from independent companies.

Thank you for reading, I hope I encouraged you all to get outdoors a little bit more this Winter and I hope you all have a fab Christmas time! If you’d like me to write anymore posts like this then let me know in the comments? Also let me know where you’re going this Christmas I’d love to hear your ideas.

Link to coat: The North Face 1990 Mountain Q Jacket

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