I CANNOT even start with how much I LOVE this book. From when it first came out I wanted to buy it so when I opened it on Christmas morning I think you guys already know that I screamed a lil inside. The motherfkin Rihanna book. I still cannot really get over it. A book full of Rihanna’s iconic looks what more in life could you possibly ever want for real?!

When I tell you this book is huge, this book is HUGE. The book stands large at 12 x 16 inches!! INCHES!! It includes 504 pages with 1,050 colour images. 1,050!!! Plus 11 special inserts which include Fashion show invites and Polaroid photos. Try and name a better book already HAH I dare you!

All the photographs included are THE best quality and THE best images you could ask for. This right here is my Bible right now haha. Honestly though if you’re a Rihanna fan or maybe a fan of just Fashion in general then you MUST get your hands on this book even if it’s just borrowing it from your mate for a weekend, you NEED to see it. It’s compulsory sorry..

Girlll… just look at these photos tho. From the Met Gala to her award show dresses, this book has it all. It includes childhood photos, backstage tour snaps, the HOTTEST photos from her boat trips and much, much more. There’s shots of her getting her tattoos done, out on a holiday in Dubai, Johannesburg, Phuket, Bangkok, and a lot more places than I’ve even heard of. It’s definitely a way to get major holiday inspiration too haha.

There’s a load of photoshoot experimental images, which inspire me HUGELY. Her outfits, her makeup in every single picture.. the lot. I have come to the undebatable conclusion that Rihanna is in fact perfect. It also includes a few pics with Cara Delevingne!! 2 Queens in one book.. I need to sit down.


If you’re considering buying this book, I can’t recommend it enough. You NEED this in your life. It has inspired me A LOT, and will continue to do so. It’s crazy how much you can fall in love with a book that only consists of photographs! But nevertheless, best book I own hands down.

So Rihanna really is out here doing everything but realising the damn album huh? WHERE IS THE ALBUM RIHANNA? WE NEED THE ALBUM. HAHAHA. Anyways.. thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed, don’t forget to check out the book or at least borrow it from someone you know, I’m telling you now you will 100% not be disappointed.

Link to buy: The Rihanna Book

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