Lately, I have been loving wearing a subtle wing liner and no doubt you’ve seen me wear this in almost all of my Insta photos, it is considerably becoming my signature makeup look as well as glowy skin. I’ve been through many eyeliner flops even ones that are said to be bestsellers. Since starting out with makeup I’ve experimented with many. Out of them all, these are the 3 that I trust and use most and would recommend to anyone that’s either only just starting with liner or is already a pro winger.

Eyeko Fat Liquid Eyeliner 

Let’s start with the one that actually got me doing eyeliner on the daily. I first got this in one of my Glossybox’s and after using it a few times to see what it was like, I couldn’t stop. It’s very easy to apply which is why I liked it so much when I first started wearing it. Although I still to this day find it hard getting an even wing, this Eyeko liner is easily buildable without smudging and easy to take off with a cotton bud and makeup remover if you go a lil wrong along the way which we all do sometimes. Either way it’s an easy applicator to get an even wing without having a mental breakdown before you leave the house.

Link to buy: Eyeko Fat Liquid Eyeliner

Karl Lagerfeld + Model co Long Lasting Liquid Liner

Another one out of my Glossybox that I’ve had for over a year now. Recently I’ve been loving doing a little flick of liner that defines my eyes that tiny bit more whilst still looking natural. This is the perfect eyeliner for that. I use it mainly for thinner lines but again, it’s easily buildable so suitable for thick too if that’s what you prefer. It is also very longlasting, I wore is all day on new years eve and went into the new year with it still looking as good as it did in the morning, and that’s without having to top it up at all throughout the day! How many eyeliners do you know that can do that? Incredible right?

Link to buy: Karl Lagerfeld + Model co Long Lasting Liquid Liner


NYX Professional Makeup Vinyl Liquid Liner

The 3rd and final one is my all time favourite for the perfect, full water line. There has been moments where I’ve accidentally got it in my eyeball and the whole bit that’s meant to be white has turned black and I looked like Jadis the White Witch from Narnia as an understatement. But despite my tired morning hands, normally and the majority of the time, it goes on without problem and lasts the whole day.

Link to buy: NYX Professional Makeup Vinyl Liquid Liner

Thank you for reading, I hope you guys enjoyed. Let me know in the comments what your favourite eyeliner is or if there’s any that’s worth recommending?

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