Work to me isn’t just writing an essay for college, which maybe it might once have been, work to me now is all sorts. It’s writing blog posts every night ready for the next day, full time college and having it overrun into my own time afterwards and working in Fashion retail as my part time job. Sometimes work can be a lil overwhelming and everybody has those days where they’d rather stay in bed instead of facing the busy day in front of them. So, this blog post is a little guide to my way of getting motivated on my bad days.

Start right now & finish later 

Sometimes just getting started is the perfect way to get motivated. If you think too much about certain projects or essays it’s likely that you’ll start holding them back and deciding to get them done another day when you’re more prepared, but what better time than to start now? Even if you don’t get it all done in one go, you still have time to finish it another day and at least now you’ve started so know in what direction it’s heading. Sometimes I do this with essays and open Google Docs with absolutely no clue what to write, then start writing one word bullet points that I can expand upon next time I come to it. It’s a really good tactic for not wasting a day of work and getting kick started on a project that your future self will thank you for. 


I found it a lot easier when I started to plan when I was going to get what done, than when I would just do whatever I want when I felt like it. Having a plan makes it easier to manage your time and know how much is left to do before your deadline. I once planned to do 4 pages of work in my Photography folder each day until it’s due date but each time I came around to doing it I felt unmotivated and stressed that I also have other things to be doing. I lowered it down to 2 pages a day and now I’m always prepared when it comes to it and I get it done every evening as it’s realistic and not overwhelming. Having a good, manageable plan enables you to be motivated to do your work when the time comes to it.


Lastly, I chose to include meditation only because I’ve been doing it quite frequently recently. I always seem to do it when all my work’s due in and am feeling a little overwhelmed. I set Vanilla scented candles around my fireplace (Lavender is supposedly the most beneficial for stress relief) and put on a meditation playlist from Spotify and let my mind go blank for around 10 minutes. After I’m done I don’t start working immediately but make a cup of tea first. It creates a relaxed atmosphere and I feel a lot more motivated to start work later and end up getting a lot more done.

Thank you for reading, if you came here in search of more motivation for work then I hope that you got what you were looking for. If you have any further suggestions please leave a comment below to help other readers out.

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  1. Hey, busy lady! 😊 Great blog, thanks.

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    1. Thalia Jeavons says:

      Thanks so much for reading!

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      1. Welcome, I enjoyed it.

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