This ones an exciting one on my behalf as I don’t really 100% believe that people are associated or should be associated with only one style. I’ve said in the past that the way I’d describe my own is experimental and that’s the best way I can put it into words. Finding your own style is easier said than done. After being swept into the illusion in the past that I’m missing out if I’m not following the latest Fashion trends, and I must wear certain brands to stand out, I was completely oblivious to the fact that there was no telling me apart from everyone else in class who all had the latest Ralph Lauren hoodie too.. Which is when I finally stopped trying to fit in or stand out, and started trying to do me.


Tip 1 – Body Shape 

A lot of people like their style to fit their body shape perfectly, so knowing what suits  your body shape is crucial. I know, I know this is an obvious one but you’d be surprised the amount of people who are still searching for the reason why their new Tommy Hilfiger jeans don’t look as good on them as they do on Gigi Hadid, and that’s simply because they’re made for a different body shape, none more superior than the other BTW! But a good way to ‘find your style’ is to find the perfect items that best silhouette your body shape. But of course you don’t have to stick to this, I am 90% of the time in oversized clothing especially in the winter, but it is always helpful for me to know and it comes in handy when I’m out shopping.


Tip 2 – Look for inspiration

Inspiration is everywhere, especially in an issue of Vogue. I can name 5 items I’d wear just looking at the first 5 pages. Of course on the other hand, having only a weekend job that pays minimum wage, I can’t exactly afford to buy the latest Dolce & Gabbana handbag anytime soon. But magazines are my favourite place to look for Fashion inspiration. If you like what Kate Moss is currently wearing on her 10 page spread then try and find items similar that don’t have the price tag of a brand new Flat in Notting Hill. Just try out different pieces using your inspiration and find out what you like best, and of course there can always be more than one style.


Tip 3 – Invest in a signature item 

By signature item I mean what you want people to focus on most when they first see you. Think about a stranger walking by who knows nothing about you but looks you up and down, what do they see first? Is it the signature jeans or signature T-shirt? It could be a handbag or necklace or maybe even a bandana? But these are the items I like to invest in most, that I know I’m going to get so much use out of and is a timeless piece that isn’t in any sort of trend right now. This is a good way to find your style because you’re really investing money towards it meaning you must really like it right? If it’s an impulse buy, try styling it with other items first before you return it because something obviously gravitated you towards it in the first place.


Thank you for reading. I hope you’ve learnt a few tricks into finding your own style and remember it isn’t a rule that you can only have 1! I wear track pants, skirts, jeans, joggers, all of it and what does that make me? A tomboy? A girly girl? A hypebeast? It could make me all of them and I’m open for it to be more. If you have any more questions, please let me know in the comments!

Link to outfit: The Ragged Priest Tafeta Combat

The Ragged Priest Straight Leg Trousers

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