Instagram isn’t real life guys keep up! My everyday makeup look is so much different to the makeup I wear in the pictures on my blog, in fact I hardly even wear makeup everyday. I always feel the need to go all out and make as much effort as possible for my pictures so go to the extreme: lashes, contour, glitter, the lot of it. Plus if you wore this makeup look every day then R.I.P to your skin. I obviously love this part when I get to get all glammed up but doing it everyday is definitely a no go, this is my go to makeup look for photos and photos/special occasions only.


The Base 

For the base 90% of the time I start by applying my L’Oriel Paris True Match Foundation that I blend in with a blending sponge. I find it photographs well and doesn’t crease or look patchy in real life either. For concealer I use the E.L.F Camo Concealer which erases all signs of a restless night and brightens up your under eyes perfectly. I rarely use powder because I love a glowy look, but when I do it’s the Rimmel London Stay Matte. And then for brows, I do my everyday routine of filling them in with a few Benefit brow products as seen in the pictures above.


Contour & Blush & Highlight 

Before applying any powder, I use a cream contour stick by Fenty beauty to define my cheekbones and then Benefit’s Hoola bronzer with a contour brush over it. I don’t use blush all the time for my pictures but when I do it’s likely to be Benefit’s Dandelion mixed into my contour for a more natural effect. Then for highlight I use mostly The Estee Edit Flash Illuminator just above my cheekbone where the sun would naturally hit it for a more natural glow effect.


Eyeshadow & Lashes

If I use eyeshadow it’s likely to be for a product review because I rarely wear it. In some photos on the other hand I’ve been loving using the Smashbox Full Exposure Palette which is full of neutral tone shades and again looks amazing in photos. I wear the NYX eyeliner a lot too with whispy lashes that come in a pack of 5 (so last forever!) from Amazon.



Now this one really varies depending on my outfit. I LOVE my Dior Stellar Shine Lipstick and I love the Fenty Gloss bomb too. I’d have to call those two my favourites just because they go with everything and don’t look too matte or chapped in photos.


Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this blog post. If you have any further questions please let me know in the comments below!

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