Although this sounds like such a great deal unfortunately it was due to one of my local book store closing down. My friend sent me a link on Facebook to say they were doing an offer to fill a provided bag with as many books as you can for only £10 and my dad surprised me by taking me there after college last Friday. It’s safe to say we definitely got our money’s worth by securing a total of 21 books!! Yup that’s 21 new & unused books for only £10..

I’ll start off by letting you guys know that 5 of them were for my Dad which were all to do with gardening that I didn’t photograph because he already took them home. But if you’re interested then you can definitely let me know in the comments at the end.

I’ve decided to organise this post by genres so starting with Thrillers, I picked up The ‘Missing Twin’ by Alex Day, ‘Forget Me Not’ by Claire Allan which I’ve previously read her novel ‘Her Name Was Rose’ which was amazing so I instantly recognised her name on the shelves. ‘The Last Mrs Parrish’ by Liv Constantine and ‘One Little Lie’ by Sam Carrington.


I got quite a lot of fiction, mostly all romance too, including: ‘Amber Green Takes Manhattan’, and ‘The Stylist’ by Rosie Nixon just because they sounded really good and both Fashion orientated. ‘The Singles Game’ by Lauren Weisberger who I am loving right now! I just currently read her novel ‘People Worth Knowing’ and loved it so I obviously just had to pick more of her work up. I also got ‘Chasing The Sun’ by Katy Colins.


Continuing with fictions, I got ‘Lost For Words’ by Stephanie Butland, ‘Perfect Strangers’ by Erin Knight, two novels by Fiona Gibson because I previously read ‘The Woman Who Met Her Match, so couldn’t resist. I picked up her novels ‘As Good as it Gets?’ and ‘The Woman who Upped and Left’.


Then, the last four are: ‘It’s not me it’s You’ by Mhairi Mc Farlane’, ‘If the Dress Fits’ by Daisy James, ‘the Cafe in Fir Tree Park’ by Katey Lovell, and excitingly ‘Killing Monica by Candace Bushnell which is the woman who wrote Sex and the City which I think the whole world knows I love. This one was a hardback too which didn’t fit in the bag so I was willing to pay for it separately until the lady who worked there told me to just take it how it is! So overall I managed to get 16 books for myself!


Since there’s an offer on at that book store for 2 books for £5 or £2.99 each, once we got home my Dad and I decided to add up how much the books would have been worth if they weren’t in the sale by doing 21 x £2.99 which comes to just over £60!! And that’s not even the actual retail price. If I were to buy just ‘Killing Monica’ on it’s own from Waterstones that would be £14.99, which costs more than what I got these 21 books for!

Thank you for reading, if you have any questions please be sure to let me know in the comments, I hope you all have a great week and remember to check out any local book shop sales because damnn the money you will save..!!



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