Dragon Print is all over the runway right now but is slightly less common than let’s say  women wearing suits. Gucci have done it multiple times and literally made one of the models carry a faux dragon during their 2018/19 fall/winter runway show, Emilio Pucci has an embellished print Dragon design worth £4,890 and is currently sold out so if that’s not showing how in demand dragon print is right now then I don’t know what is. Dries Van Noten has used it on the runway, Heidi Klum has worn it on the red carpet, Tom Ford, Roberto Cavalli, Christian Louboutin, as Edina Monsoon would say ‘names, names, names, darling, names’ every top designer world wide has used the dragon print in their designs.


In other news, New Girl Order have a dragon print collection which probably comes as a relief to all my teenage readers out there who can’t afford a £5000 dress. Or in fact all my readers who can’t afford a £5000 dress. (If you can afford this then my cashapp name is at the bottom of the blogpost haha). New Girl Order have a range of dragon print designs with a plus size option also, which I should add is much, much more affordable.


I styled the Phoenix Dragon Satin Wrap Shirt with the Golden Dragon Wide Leg Trousers, yup, that means I styled dragon print on dragon print and I did it as confidently as Rihanna telling everyone she’ll release an album in 2019. Because it looked BOMB. The ‘shirt’ is an oversized blazer-esque design that just covers the top of the pants. The actual print is available in a Bodysuit, Trousers, Kimono and a Dress, so you have plenty of options for your next weekly online shop, if this Shirt isn’t for you of course.


I’m not going to say all the colours coordinated perfectly because they didn’t, they were different colours with different designs, but that’s what Fashion’s about aye? Thank you for reading, If you have any more questions please let me know in the comments!

Links to outfit: Phoenix Dragon Satin Wrap Shirt

Golden Dragon Wide Leg Trouser

Link to article: Chinese Inspiration

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