My first time being introduced to Katharine Hamnett was at London Fashion in 2018, so not only does that tell me know long I’ve been wanting to buy her products for but also how long brexit has been going on for haha. Katharine Hamnett is known for her controversial slogan tees included in her activist T-shirt collection. There’s slogans such as ‘Why Brexit, my friend?’, ‘Second Referendum Now’, ‘Cancel Brexit’ and my personal favourite ‘Fashion hates Brexit’. Katharine Hamnett has also created a collection dedicated towards climate change with the slogans ‘Choose Action’, ‘Climate Action’ and ‘Save our Seas’ raising the awareness through Fashion of action that needs to be taken within the world.

Link to T-Shirt: Katharine Hamnett No More Fashion Victims T-Shirt

If you’re thinking ‘okay that’s great, but is she actually doing anything herself to help?’ well besides raising awareness globally through her high Fashion brand, Katharine Hamnett uses sustainable materials in her items. The materials are either organic, regenerated or recycled making the brand sustainable working towards a better future for Fashion.

Link to T-shirt: Katharine Hamnett Fashion Hates Brexit T-shirt

Another interesting feature about the brand is that they follow the Buddhist manifesto “ethical business behaviour, making a living in a way that does no harm to people and the natural world”.  Along the lines of sustainability once again, the brand are cutting their carbon emissions by producing in the EU, where the highest proportion of their customer base is with the aim to be completely traceable and transparent by 2020. If you did wonder why exactly did Fashion hate Brexit? Then here’s your answer. Katharine Hamnett is proving that changing the industry from within is possible and Brexit is going to make the use of sustainable Fashion in the UK that mile harder to conquer.

Thank you for reading, if you have any questions please leave a comment below! In the near future I will be writing a blog post all about the effects Brexit has on the Fashion industry and how the EU is supposedly beneficial. Overall I think to make an impact in this Fashion industry then Katharine Hamnett is making all the right moves. It is definitely a brand to look out for in the future!

Link to website: Katharine Hamnett





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