Looking for good skincare whilst on a budget can be a little hard sometimes which is what inspired me to make this post. I’ve used brands from £10 to £100 and saw little difference and some of my favourites actually come in as little as £2!! So, my skin is combination and I normally break out along my chin and cheekbones but I’ve found these products to keep my skin in check and not get worse throughout the weeks. I’ve picked 5 of my favourite affordable skincare products that I swear by for this post, so here goes …


Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel

I’ve been using this one for some time now after I saw it on offer in Sainsburys and decided to pick it up. It retails for £6.50 which is very affordable for a decent everyday moisturiser that does everything as good as my previous Clinique one. It’s moisturising without being to the point where your face looks greasy and it’s also a perfect base for your makeup to glide on top of once you’re done.

Simple Hydrating Cleansing Oil

So, this is what I use to take my makeup off in the evenings. I apply a few drops onto my hands, rub them together and then start washing my face with it and it gets off almost everything. I would recommend using a cleanser also because normally there’s still excess makeup on my face and especially on my eyes but besides this it always makes my skin glowy after using it.


Pixi Glow Tonic

I have the travel version of this which is only £10 which is good considering it’s a bestseller within the skincare community. I apply it before I moisturise about 3 times a week and you see the difference straight away. It does slightly sting on my face so it might not be the best for very sensitive skin, but it works wonders for me and I will most likely be repurchasing once it’s done.

Nip + Fab Exfoliate 

This is another I’ve had for some time now and repurchased multiple times. I use it on my hard areas so mainly around my T-zone. It costs around £6 depending on where you get it from, but is definitely as good as some mega expensive ones I’ve used in the past.


Nivea Rich Regenerating Night Cream

I use this last and every night before bed. It keeps my face moisturised throughout the night so when I wake up my skin is looking healthy and glowing without me having to apply any makeup yet. Only thing it doesn’t help with is dark circles, I’m still looking for the holy product for that haha.

Thank you for reading, I hope you all have a great week! Let me know in the comments if you have any affordable skincare recommendations, I’d love to know!

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