Where better place to eat in the UK than London? It has probably the biggest amount of Vegan options in the UK, the trendiest cafes and the most globally well known restaurants, including one of my all time favourites: Sketch. This post consists of my top 3 places to eat in London and what I’d recommend having there.

1. EL&N Cafe

There’s no doubt you’ve seen this cafe all over Instagram already for it’s beautiful flower walls and deluxe desserts. There’s a few of them scattered around the city, located in Market Place, Brompton Road, Park Lane, Selfridges, Hans Crescent,  Lowndes Street and Bicester Village. I went to the one on Brompton Road right after the Dior Exhibition which is right opposite the V&A. I recommend booking in advance and once you get there there’s the most amazing range of cakes to choose from. I personally recommend the red velvet cheesecake which tasted sooooo good, but if cake isn’t your thing there’s plenty of other things to choose from!

2. Sketch 

If you haven’t heard of Sketch you’re 99% likely living under a rock. I went during my visit to London Fashion Week and got surprised by my Godmother for my 16th birthday. This one you have to book in advanced because of how much in demand it is. When we went we has an Afternoon tea to share and it was the nicest afternoon tea I’d ever had. They also gave me some cake for my birthday which was cute of them! Also if you go, don’t forget to check out the toilets, you’ll thank me later 😉

3- Farm Girl

This one is located in Notting Hill by all the pretty colourful flats. I had Avocado on toast and it was DELICIOUS! It’s such a cute cafe but again I’d recommend booking in advance because of how busy it was when I went. There’s tables outside too which would be beautiful to sit at on a nice day but unfortunately when I went it was raining so they all had to sit there with umbrellas provided from the cafe :{ Nevertheless it has such a nice atmosphere and I would definitely recommend it to anyone visiting the Notting Hill area. It also started my avocado obsession…

Thank you for reading. Those were my top 3 places to eat in London that I would 110% recommended to anyone who is visiting. If you have any more questions please let me know in the comments. Hope you all have a great week!

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