After receiving two of the Steve Laurant lip tints in my Glossybox it felt only right to review them both for my blog. These are the first things I’ve owned from the Steve Laurant makeup line and I had high expectations for them due to their high end persona and lavish prices. So, I’ve took two of their lip tints and put them to the test to see how well they perform, last and hydrate your lips throughout the day, and this is what I discovered:

Link to buy: Nude Pop Lip Tint

Both of the lip products I own are the highly rated lip tints, in the shades Nude Pop (above) and Cherry (below). They both have the same creamy formula that enables the tint to glide onto your lips perfectly using either a lip brush or your fingers like I do. The tints are cruelty free which I personally think is amazing for the beauty industry as a whole as more and more brands are getting involved with the movement, and Steve Laurant has acknowledged this and incorporated it into their products.

Link to buy: Cherry Lip Tint

Out of the two shades, I much prefer Nude Pop. It’s more natural and easier to wear throughout the day in the sense of matches more outfits and isn’t as noticeable if it messes up. They’re said to be long lasting but in my opinion last no longer than an hour, and Nude Pop wears off even less than that. Since my lips get chapped quite easily also, the lip tints do not conceal this at all. The chapped-ness is very noticeable so I would recommend investing into a good lip balm before purchasing this product otherwise this is definitely not for you.

Are they really worth the $22 price tag? I would have to honestly say no. Although I am starting to wear Nude Pop quite often, there are 100% better lip sticks/glosses I’ve tried for cheaper. They are both really pigmented and perform as a lip tint should but I think that the lack of moisturisation is the biggest disappointment with these.

Thank you for reading, I hope this post has helped a little with whether you should purchase or not. If you’re wondering if I’d repurchase, then the answer is no, although I would still like to try out a few other products from the Steve Laurant website, but if you’ve had a completely different experience with these then please let me know in the comments! I hope you all have a great week, and remember to come back tomorrow for at 8pm more posts.

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