You know when you go into Sainsburys wanting one thing and then end up spending almost an hour in there and even forgetting the only thing you went in for? Yeah, well that’s what happened with me on the Glossier website.

I went on it to buy their bestselling mascara and got side tracked by the popular skin salve ‘balm dotcom’ and ended up adding that to my basket instead. After looking round their website for a bit longer I found a skincare set that included the Balm dotcom and two other products, and as you can imagine took the single lip balm out of my basket and replaced it with this package deal which is where this review comes in. So go and get a cuppa and enjoy this Glossier Skincare Set review of  3 of the most hyped Glossier skincare products ever.




The Balm Dotcom 

My lips are getting very chapped, very easily this winter time and I was eager to invest in a good lip balm that will just make all my lip problems go away and leave me looking like Angelina. Unfortunately I am still looking for my lip remedy as this very popular, always talked about skin salve did not do the job. I’ve used Vaseline, Dr. Paw Paw, The Body Shop and even Elizabeth Arden and got to the point where I didn’t mind paying a lot for a good lip balm that works and gets all the moisturisation back onto my lips. However, paying £10 for a lip balm kinda hurted, nobody wants to pay £10 for a lip balm, nor would I recommend paying it for this one in particular but I had big expectations for it and was disappointed when my lips went back to chapped after almost 10 minutes after applying.

I’d rate this product a 4/10 only because it does the job but only for a short period and I already have lip balms that were cheaper performing the same way.

Link to product: Balm Dotcom


Priming Moisturizer 

I love a good moisturizer that leaves my skin looking prepped and glowy and I do actually feel as though this Glossier priming moisturizer does the trick. It gives instructions on the packaging to massage into your face using upwards strokes which I’ve been doing and feel as though it’s made a slight change in how pigmented the moisturizer leaves my skin looking. I used to cake moisturizer on and end up looking like I’ve just been dipped in honey whereas applying this technique makes you’re skin look more radiant as if you’ve just got back from the Bahamas and not experimenting with face products at a Bee garden.

I’d rate this product a 6/10 because it prepares my face with an even layer ready for foundation but I still feel as though I’ve used better moistuizers in the past. It costs £18 for a 50ml tube which can be considered good for a good quality skincare product although I would stick to my favourite Origins hydrating creme which is only £7 more expensive but a lot better quality.

Link to product: Priming Moisturizer


The Milky Jelly Cleanser

I LOVE this cleanser. I’m used to using cleansers that include a little bit of exfoliator into their formula so I bought this Milky Jelly cleanser with no expectations of how it should perform, but I am impressed. I use it twice a day to wash my face with, and since I started using it I’ve noticed a tiny change within my skin as it appears more glossy and hydrated without looking sweaty or as if the radiators have been turned up to 50 degrees in a room full of people, which has an obvious difference and I much prefer the first one.

I rate this product a 9/10 and would highly recommend. I feel that out of all the products, this is the one that drastically changed my skin for the better and created the biggest difference.

Link to product: Milky Jelly Cleanser


Just an FYI all products are cruelty free and the set I bought saved me £8 overall. I would definitely repurchase the Milky Jelly Cleanser again which would only cost £15 compared to the set of 3 items at £35.

Thank you guys for reading, I hope you all have a great week! Remember to come back at 8pm tomorrow for more beauty content and leave a comment below if you’ve tried any of these products before 🙂

Link to product: Glossier Skincare Set

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