Hey guys, I think we all know by now that the end of another month equals another ‘What I read’ post, and this month I’ve read some amazing novels! Not one of them has disappointed me in any type of way and by far I could read them all again, which is very, very unusual for every single book of the month to impact me like this.

Taken all directly from my book shelf (hence the colour co-ordination) all were fictions of some sort and kept me reading in every sort of entertaining way. I would recommend all the books I’ve read this month and if anybody has read any already I would love to discuss them in the comments.


An Italian Affair by Caroline Montague

This is the first novel I’ve ever read by Caroline Montague and wow was it amazing. Such a heartfelt story that took place during the Second World War with descriptions that keep you turning page after page after page until the story unfortunately comes to an end.

The story is about an English family who move to Italy to start fresh after an awful tragedy which occurred a few years before at their home in the British city. The main character Diana is only a teenager at the time and still learning a lot about life with her brother leaving for duties in the war and the challenge to make new friends in a whole new country.

With romance playing a big role in the story, it is clear that love causes tragedies between the characters and that love doesn’t always go as planned. The story is set in the middle of the war in 1937 and with Diana falling in love with a Jew, it is clear that the story is constantly keeping you on edge with their relationship.

There’s themes of loss and grief, as well as strength and hope. With Diana’s mum Alessandra being a widow, Diana’s brother Robert loosing friends during the war and Diana’s lover Davide having to face the brutal reality of what came with being a Jew in Italy during the war. It’s a story you will not want to miss, and not want to stop reading. I’m definitely going to look into getting more Caroline Montague books and I would 110% recommend this to everyone. 


The Library of Lost and Found by Phaedra Patrick 

This novel is an exciting fiction where the main character Martha was reunited with her grandma after thinking for years that she was dead. After working in the library for years, Martha was shyly about to put herself forward for a position raise when she was given a story book which literally changed her life. I immediately loved the sound of Martha and loved reading from her perspective, she’s a character you instantly take a liking towards and want to carry on reading about her life.

The story is written in present tense but also includes chapters in past tense from the perspective of Martha’s mum Betty for us readers to know what went down that made the whole family fall out. I think it’s a really thoughtful novel that includes themes of love, betrayal and forgiveness and a great twist at the ending.


The List that Changed my Life by Olivia Beirne 

This book literally made me laugh out loud at times and I think that’s the first time a book’s ever made me do that, apart from of course in high school when the teacher would read Animal Farm in different accents depending on the animal, but that’s different I guess.

When the main character Georgia’s sister Amy falls ill and Georgia struggles trying to think of ways to help, Amy comes up with a list of things Georgia needs to complete by her birthday. Along the way of completing the list, Georgia is getting more out there conquering her fears whilst her sister Amy is only getting worse. There’s many challenges Georgia has to overcome which are realistic and make you feel the pain she’s going through. Again there’s themes of love and betrayal as well as the strength to challenge growth. I would definitely recommend this one to anyone looking for a good, funny book to read.


The Secrets of Primrose Square by Claudia Carroll

The last book I read this month, but absolutely loved nevertheless was all about a neighbourhood in Dublin called Primrose Square. The detail of this story was immaculate, it made me want to read on and on and on and never finish the book.

I have so much to say about it but don’t want to ruin it for anyone that wants to read it. It includes (hence the title) many secrets. It tells a variety of people’s different stories who all live abound the neighbourhood, including the little girl Melissa who lost her sister and her mum Susan who is still grieving. Jayne, the old woman who I fell in love with as soon as she was introduced – she is such a sweetheart, and Nancy who has recently moved to the street from London after being involved with a scandal and looking for a fresh start.

Secrets and more secrets begin to unravel with more and more personal information about each character getting released. It is undoubtedly true that you will fall in love with this story and want to read more from Claudia Carroll in the future – I even started following her on Insta.


So, that’s all the books I read this February – they were AMAZING. I hope you guys enjoyed! If you read any amazing books this month be sure to let me know in the comments as I love reading your recommendations! Thank you for reading, I hope you all have an amazing week x

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