Who doesn’t love a good sale at the start of the new year?! I think most of us can agree on the fact that the sales actually include 99% absolute rubbish and it can be very, very tricky finding that 1% you actually like. Although with that said I don’t have any tips on how I came across all these bargains (I’m gonna pin it on luck) here’s what I bought in the early January sales:


I mean… how cute are these shoes tho?! As soon as I walked into Footasylumn I knew I had to have them and it was just a bonus that they were in the sale. These are also my first platform shoes and I really didn’t expect them to be this comfy.. it feels (no exaggeration) that I’m walking on clouds. The only problem is they’re white so get dirty quickly, and if you don’t keep on top of cleaning them well.. good luck.

They were originally £69.99, and I paid £39.99.

Link to buy: Converse Womens Lugged Winter Canvas Trainer




You guys already know I picked up some bomb clothes in the sale while it’s all cheap. I’ll start with Footasylumn where I bought the whole outfit in the top left photo. I got the purple Adidas long sleeve tee for £19.99 reduced from £29.99 and the Daisy Street pants that go with it perfectly for only £14.99 down from £34.99!

In the photo on the top right I bought the Reebok X Gigi womens jacket from Foot Locker which was £39.99 in the sale from £74.99 and looks amazing this for this upcoming spring season! Then lastly from Urban Outfitters I bought the Santa Cruz utility vest for £18 reduced from £65!! I’ve been looking for a decent utility vest for ages too.. absolute bargain.

Links to everything: Adidas Originals Womens 3 Stripe Long sleeve T Shirt

Daisy Street Womens Tie Dye Cargo Pant

Reebok X Gigi Womens Jacket

Santa Cruz UO Exclusive Utility Vest



I only bought two accessories in the sale as there wasn’t that much that appealed to me. But I got this iets frans oversized scarf from Urban Outfitters for only £6 down from £24. And a Kappa belt from Foot Locker for only £4.99 from £19.99! I haven’t styled it in any way yet but I’ve been styling it in my head with black and it looks amazing haha..




Honestly I can never help myself whenever I see a book sale. Starting firstly with ‘Her Every Fear’ by Peter Swanson, I picked this up for £1 in Poundland! I know it wasn’t actually technically in the sale but it is a huge difference from it’s retail price of £12.99. Another one that wasn’t technically in the sale too was ‘A Summer Reunion’ by Fanny Blake. The Works have an offer on books for £2 or 3 for £5 all year round!! Whereas the retail price would be £7.99, I got it for £2, and Fanny Blake is an amazing author as I previously read and loved her novel ‘An Italian Summer’.

Staying with the theme of Italy, the next book I bought in the sale was ‘The Little Italian Bakery’ by Valentina Cebeni. Originally priced at £8.99, I bagged it in the sale for only £1 at The Works! Then Lastly on my work break I went to the WHSmith’s sale and bought ‘The Binding’ by Bridget Collins which I’d never heard of before but after going on numerous undergrounds in London I could not stop seeing it advertised everywhere. I got it for half price the recommended retail price so it came down to £4.49 from £8.99.


So that was everything I bought in the sale, thank you for reading! If you have any questions please let me know in the comments xx



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