Hey guys, if you haven’t had your head in the clouds for the past year then you’d know the rising trend of statement hair accessories this season. From seen on the Gucci runway to the Met Gala pink carpet (Ashley Graham you’re doing amazing sweetie), it’s kind of hard to shy away from the fact that hair accessories are becoming an added extra to styling your outfits from time to time. I recently went shopping at Accessorize and bought a variety of different hair accessories that I’ve seen inspired by the catwalk, that I think you guys will also love!

The Scrunchies

I’ll start with the basics because who doesn’t love a scrunchie? The one I bought was bulky and white and looked very Italian-esque style which is why I love it. It looks great against my brown hair and really contrasts nicely. This one in particular looked like it was straight off the Ashish catwalk with a statement look that didn’t quite over power the outfit.


The Ribbons

Long AF ribbons are very stylish and cute to wear this Spring season. Satin ribbons have been features on catwalks and red carpets and have really made a huge comeback since my childhood days. I love wearing them like a bobble so that all the extra material is dangling down the sides and it gives that effortless chic look that Margot Robbie wore on the Critics Choice awards Red carpet.

The Thin Clips 

The thin clips are soo cute to layer together. I bought a pack of 4 and wear them all at the same time and they look adorable. It’s an easy way to look like you’ve made a lot more effort than you have, just by adding a few clips effortlessly. I like to pair neutral colours with brighter colours such as using the orange gems and then toning it down with the white pearls.

The Thick Clips

The white versions of these are literally everywhere which is why I bought the blue ones. I don’t wear much blue but they seem to go with almost everything. I’m definitely going to be wearing and styling these throughout the summer in a way that they’re not considered that basic and partnering them with my outfits.


I think thanks to all of these hair accessories, 10 year old me would be happy of me rn. I used to wear headbands on a daily and clips in every angle of my hair because neither me or my mum were good at hair styling haha. But I hope you all enjoyed this post and have a great week! Thank you for reading xx

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