If you haven’t already be sure to check out part 1 of this series (Link to that: HERE) and read up to understand where we’ve left off. If you’re here back from part 1, then welcome back to my blog post all about what I got up to on my 18th birthday.

In the last post I ended it at the end of my first day in London going into the Friday aka. March the 6th aka. My birthday. And guys you’re in for another long ass post lemme tell you. If you enjoyed the first one then I hope you enjoy this one just as much and stay tuned for part 3. Nevertheless here’s what happened on my second day in the city, and my big 18th Birthday.



To start the day off right I remember being woke up to the sound of the ICON remix by Jaden & Will Smith blasting repeatedly due to my mum trying to make me a birthday Facebook post and apparently not knowing how to control the volume buttons. After originally planning to wake up early and get glamoured up for the day – that idea absolutely flopped when I spent almost an extra unplanned hour in bed replying to birthday messages. I have to say the sunlight on the view from the window inspired me to get up and want to get on the streets of London. The weather (because I’m a typical Brit and have to mention the weather) I have to say was amazing and I was surprised that the sun decided to finally come out, which was a bonus to start the day.



Once I eventually got ready and argued with everyone about how late we’re starting the day I got into my Moschino pants and headed out to my first stop – Supreme.

Now guys if you are not familiar with Supreme it is located in Peter St, Soho and hugely popular with skaters. The queue is always outside the shop which is weird I agree but last time I went was February last year and and it was no longer than around 20 minutes. This time however.. My mum and I got in the queue outside the shop like last time only for a security guard to come up to us asking for our pass, confused I asked ‘what pass?’ and that’s when he said from queue 2. QUEUE 2. And that’s not even the worst of it. There was 4!! 4 QUEUES in total. Which is when my mum ultimately decided to say ‘F that’ and we went for a walk around Soho instead.

At 1:30pm we had a reservation at the well known restaurant Sketch so headed to a few shops on Regent Street so we could stay close. A few shops I have to recommend on that street are Karl Lagerfeld and Burberry because of their stunning window displays and items that you can’t always find online. Nevertheless if you know me then you’ll know that whenever I go shopping there is absolutely no way I’m missing out Selfridges.

Selfridges is located on the far side of Oxford Street and was actually a much longer walk than I remembered. Luckily I already knew where it was but deciding to go there when we have a table booked for less than an hour away was not one of my wisest choices lemme tell you.


Once we got through the doors the luxuriousness of the brands kicked in. From being out on one of the busiest streets in London to entering the world of Dior and Louis Vuitton  really does feel like you’re in a scene from Sex and the City. My mum and I took photos with the iconic ‘This is Not a Moschino Toy’ teddy bear which felt only right since I was wearing one of their creations.

We walked past all the designer show rooms before heading down to the makeup hall as time was annoyingly running out. I could have easily spent a few hours in there if I was allowed. Before leaving I got tested for a new foundation by Dior that I’ve been wanting to try out for a while now that I ended up spontaneously buying, partly because of Bella Hadid but let’s not get into that. (Review coming soon).



After getting lost on our way back to Sketch because of my dad recommending us to go round the back roads because it’s ‘quicker’ we finally found it thanks to helpful people passing by and trusty Google maps. Since I spent my 16th birthday in The Pink Room (aka the room you see all over Instagram) we decided to try one of the others for my 18th and went with The Glade which is more of an enchanted forest interior.

Once we were seated, looking at the menu we realised there wasn’t a single thing we liked. There were about 3 options for Vegetarians and each one consisted of either Mushrooms or Nuts (which I hate both of) so with us still debating what to eat with the waitress still stood next to us awkwardly waiting with her pen and paper we asked her if it’s possible for us to change rooms.

Luckily there was a table free in The Parlour which we got moved too. The menu was slightly different but I went with Mushroom Pasta but asked for no mushrooms (yes I’m that awkward customer I’m sorry) and a side of fries and bread & butter. The sides I have to say were amazing, it was the best bread and butter I’ve ever eaten in my life. The main on the other hand came with mushrooms and as much as I tried to enjoy it (and scrape them off) I just didn’t like it. But it didn’t go to waste because my dad – as dad’s do – ate the whole thing afterwards.

The pudding on the other hand was Lush. I had the Chocolate Tartlet and I was so happy with my decision. The staff also brought me a little Battenberg cake on a plate with a candle, it was so cute! Then before leaving I had to do what any blogger visiting Sketch would ever do – I had to take pictures of the toilets (see pictures below to not think I’m crazy and just obsessed with loos).




Since we had the second half of Harry Potter and The Cursed Child to watch that night, I needed an outfit change and to freshen up a bit so after leaving sketch, we got the underground back to Liverpool Street and made our way once again back to the hotel.

When I got in the room, I noticed a cake on the table where I displayed all my birthday cards and a huge bottle of Champagne. There was a note left with it saying ‘Happy 18th Birthday Thalia! Have a Fab day and enjoy the bubbles. Love Team Ace Hotel’. How Cute. It was a lovely surprise and probably the most expensive champagne I’ve ever been gifted. Props to the Ace Hotel for that, it made my birthday that one bit more special.


Getting back on the road again making our way to the underground, I stopped to take some pictures of the amazing architecture. Being based in the centre of Shoreditch, it really was a beautiful area to appreciate the art of many things. I would definitely recommend going there sometime and if you’re planning a trip I have a post on a few things to do in the area. (link to that: Here).

I recently saw photos on social media of the Glossier pop up shop in Covent Garden and since I’m a big fan of Glossier products I really wanted to visit it and see what it was like. Once again there was a queue outside but luckily it only lasted around 10 minutes at most and we were in.

All of the rooms inside were so pretty and how it worked was by asking a member of staff to order you the products you wanted and then you’d go into the waiting area to receive them. I took a lot of photos in here because it was just too pretty not too. I ended up just buying a concealer and lip gloss and had to stop myself from buying so much more. The staff were also incredibly nice helping me choose my shade and showing us how everything works.



Before heading to watch the second half of Harry Potter we walked through China Town, which was really cool to see in the dark, and then got some more cheap snacks for the theatre at a newsagents ready to watch the show.

The show was once again absolutely incredible. One thing I have to say which my dad pointed out was that I genuinely felt like we were all on a coach trip together haha. The audience was all the same as the night before, sitting in the same seats so it was just unusual to see them once again. BTW if you love Harry Potter then you definitely have to see the stage show, I don’t know why it’s took me so long to get round too but at least it’s an extra added memory to my 18th.

Before going back to the hotel room, we took a walk around Piccadilly Circus and appreciated the laid back yet busy atmosphere that only London has. It really had been an amazing 18th birthday to say the least.


That night, I popped my first champagne bottle, cut my birthday cake and then went to bed, ready to start life as an 18 year old. I already felt different and not just because I wore a Jeremy Scott’s creation haha.. or because it wasn’t socially acceptable to own a Disney + account anymore. Turning 18, nobody talks about feels different. Even on the first day.

That comes to the end of my day 2 in London, if you’d like to carry on reading about what I got up too then part 3 of this series will be up the same time tomorrow. I hope you guys enjoyed and I’ll see you in my next post 🙂

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