Hello and welcome to my Festival edit. The first topic of this series is ‘What to know when going to a Festival’ which is perfect timing for this summer time. As I love attending festivals and have experienced many in the past I feel like sharing what I already know with you guys is a must so I hope this guide helps your knowledge of how to survive a festival.

To begin, when going to a Festival you are likely to be with a group of people so it is important that you can all keep in touch at all times. Well 90% of the festivals that I’ve been to, I haven’t been able to get service on my phone. And no, I have never been to a festival that offer free wifi (which is something that will probably happen in the future) so it is likely you won’t be able to Snapchat your friends to see where they are either.

Another thing you should know is that the further away you are in the crowd, the more you’ll be able to see the stage. Sounds stupid right? Well if you are close to the front but not in the front row and a tall group of people are stood in front of you then.. you’re screwed. Personally I prefer the atmosphere when I’m near the front but the good views are all from the center backwards.

My Outfit #1

Link to outfit: Silver Sequin Cami Top

Black Satin Lace Up Shorts

Also something you should probably think about doing before going to the Festival is checking what artists are on at what stages and what times. I know at V Festival they had around 4 different stages with pretty big artists performing on all of them. Annoyingly some artists that I liked were on at the same time but on different stages so I did have to choose which one I would prefer watching, just to let you keep that in mind. So I would recommend to schedule your day.

Do not wear heels ladies! Unless you’re prepared to moan the whole time you’re there, which is not ideal for the people you are with (I already feel bad for them) but for real, although they might look good in photos they will NOT feel good. And when you’re at a festival all day or even all weekend it is unlikely that you are going to be doing a lot of sitting down while you’re there.

Last but not least remember to stay hydrated. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment at festivals then suddenly realize at 11 pm when the last act exits the stage and all the food stalls are closed that you haven’t eaten or had a drink all day. So make sure that you stuff your face with food before you go or buy food and drinks there before you hit the dance floor.

Thank you for reading and If anyone thinks of something else you need to know before going to a festival be sure to leave a comment down below.












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