Being a 17 year old blogger really does make every possibility endless. I mean since when had there been other types of eggs on Easter besides chocolate? Apparently these Glossybox Easter eggs have been around everywhere but only this month I have discovered them. Where have I been??! Chocolate is slowly being replaced with beauty products, first Advent calendars and now Easter eggs? I am not complaining I love it.

For Christmas a few years ago, my Godmother gifted me with a Glossybox subscription and only recently did I include one of the products from the box in one of my posts and wanted to include a link to the product so researched into the Glossybox website, which is where I came across the egg. I wanted it that much I wrote the date it went on sale on my calendar. But then it sold out. IN 30 MINUTES. Ugh I was frustrated. But it all worked out perfectly. My Godmother came round only yesterday to deliever my egg, and wrapped up inside of a box of another egg, was THE EGG. The egg of all eggs was disguised inside of this Malteser box. It’s safe to say I did a lil excited scream on the inside for a few minutes. See everything happens for a reason…

Enough about me, lets get into the Easter egg of all bloggers dreams. This is the 2019 GlossyBox Limited Edition Easter Egg review, I hope you enjoy.

Illamasqua Iconic Chrome Pigment Paint

Starting with my favorite. OOF. This eyeshadow. I’m not that familiar with products from Illamasqua but this pigment is everything. I opened it and my pupils instantly dilated (that’s what happens when you love something right?). The color, the sparklyness, the metalicness, the everything, and it only gets better once you swatch it. Damn the pigmentation. It looks gorgeous on too. It stands out so much. It’s as metallic as Rita Ora’s 2016 Met Gala gown. STUNNING. It is most definitely going to be my go to eye shadow for this upcoming summer. So if you are wondering why I have the same eye shadow on every single day for the rest of the year or possibly my life, this is why.

I rate this product a 10/10

Benefit’s Bad Gal Bang Mascara 

Now I only got this egg yesterday, so I haven’t had chance to try out every one of these products. So it’s only fair if I only rate the products that I have thoroughly experimented with. This unfortunately is one of the products I have yet to try out. I have used Benefit mascaras in the past and I used to use ‘They’re real’ on a daily so I have high expectations for this one. The color is a jet black shade and it is formulated with weightless aero-particles that create intense volume according to the little booklet that comes with it. It comes in a travel size which retails for £11 and the full size version is £22. But I will have to update you guys on if this is worth the price or if there are other mascaras I prefer, as I already know it’s going to be tough to ever beat my all time favorite ‘Better than sex’ mascara by Too Faced, but we’ll see.

Cink 3D Lashes 

Staying on the theme of eyes, the next product are these Cink Bare Necessity 3D Strip Eyelashes. Now I LOVE lashes. I always think they can make any look appear better and some days I even feel naked without them. Which is weird because I wear them around 5 times a month but that’s the effect they have! I haven’t tried these lashes yet but they do look beautiful. I love to experiment with makeup looks and these seem to be more natural and subtle but glamorous at the same time and I look forward to trying them out. They are sold for £10 each and are made from 3D silk to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes. I will for sure be wearing these soon and more than likely showing off my look on Instagram if you would like to keep updated make sure to follow me.

St Tropez Self Tan & Applicator Mitt

I’ve never been a big fake tan user like I know a lot of girls are. I occasionally throw on a little St Tropez from time to time if I’m wearing a summer dress the next day or my legs are out but I’ve never been addicted to it and applied a fresh coat on a weekly basis, but I’ve had St Tropez in my cabinet for as long as I can remember so it’s a brand that I find relatively reliable. The egg comes with the St Tropez Self Tan Purity Bronzing Water Gel and a Luxe Applicator Mitt to apply it with. This self tanner is the latest to be added ti the St Tropez purity range and it meant to give you a golden glow in just 3 hours. I haven’t yet tried it, but to me it sounds like it’s more of a body glowing formula than a tan which I’m not too sure a lot of us would prefer? The mitt is all a mitt can be. It is said to help you achieve a flawless streak-free tan with strain-free hands which is pretty essential and handy when fake tanning as we’ve probably all experienced the patchy hand scenario at some point or another.

Pixi Glow Tonic 

I have wanted to try this for forever and finally it’s now in my hands. This toner has be raved about LONG and HARD. At one point it was everywhere. Now it’s with me and I couldn’t be more grateful. Okay, I’m raving about it like I now use it on a daily and it’s magically cleared every spot on my face when I haven’t even opened the bottle yet – quite literally (it’s still sealed). It’s said to give you a bright and glowing complexion while buffing away any dry cells and nourishing your skin. I have high expectations for this product because of how hyped it is aswel as the brand itself for skincare.


Patchology Flashmasque 

The UK’s having a heat wave right now, and there’s nothing I love more than cooling my face with a hydrating face mask in the boiling heat. I’m off to Tenerife next week and this mask is coming with me. It’s a 5 minute sheet mask that’s bursting with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. There’s so many promising features to this mask including repairing irratated skin, fight against radical damage and giving you a youthful glow. I am excited to try it and give myself a small pampering while I’m away.

Lee Stafford Gloss Boss

Lastly, on to haircare. I’ve never actually tried any kind of glossy hair spray but the sound of it really intrigues me so I don’t know why I’ve never picked one up. This Choco Locks Gloss Boss from Lee Stafford is supposed to give your locks an intense shot of shine and iridescent finish after being spritzed over your hair. An added plus is that it’s chocolate scented. Yes I said chocolate scented. Beautiful. And chocolate & Easter.. see the relation? That was a pretty thoughtful touch if I have to say. Anyways I love to do curly hair and I’ve always wanted a product that would add a glossy finish to it so I really hope this works how it says it does.

Living Proof Hair Styler

Before this I didn’t even know hair primer was a thing whatt? Hair primer? I seriously think that there isn’t a product that hasn’t been made anymore. I feel as though it’s a hairspray in a different formula. It’s meant to make your hairdo last twice as long and is evidently used by combing it through your damp locks from root to tip before blow drying. It does seem pretty interesting but I’m also quite picky when it comes to hair products as I don’t want to chance waking up one morning with a big grease ball on my head, but this product sounds like a good creation so I will of course be trying it out sometime.

So that’s all of the products included in the GlossyBox 2019 Limited Edition Easter Egg. For the price (£25 for subscribers, £30 for non-subscriber) it is amazing. My dad and I just stood here adding up all the contents from the list and we got the total of £81.99 so for either price you have to pay, it seriously is amazing and I couldn’t recommend enough to try and get your hands on next years.

Thank you for reading, and if there are any other brands/products you would like me to write a review on then please leave a comment down below.

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  1. SUMMER BREE says:

    Such a great post, wish I had an egg like this for easter xx

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