It hasn’t even been a week since I’ve got back and I already feel like I’ve been in Britain for too long. I wasn’t sure whether to make this post a ‘what I got up to’ type or a ’10 things to do in Tenerife’ type so I decided to combine the two. I had an amazing holiday away and I can’t wait for the next time I get back on a plane. I got up too so much so instead of doing a big rambling intro I’m just going to get straight into it. So grab your cup of tea because it’s going to be a long one..

Our flight there was at 13:20 from Manchester Airport and we arrived at Tenerife Sur Airport at around 17:50 so we only had the evening to explore the new place. We stayed for a whole week and felt that was the perfect amount of time. As soon as we stepped off the plane we were hit with the 20+ degrees air and that’s when we knew we don’t travel abroad often enough. We were really fortunate with the weather as it was sunny all week whereas back home Storm Hannah was occurring (hahahha)


So to start our holiday we got on our resorts airport bus (courtesy of Thomas Cook) and had around a 40 minute ride to our hotel which was the Sunwing Fanabe Beach Resort (Amazing btw) in Costa Adeje. After unpacking we went straight out for tea at a restaurant on the sea front which had live entertainment and huge pizzas. I ordered pasta as when can you ever go wrong with pasta? Turns out apparently you can as I ended up eating about 10 pieces and leaving it (why doesn’t everyone make it as good as I do) but nevertheless the atmosphere was great for our first night.

Since our hotel had such a pretty view of the pool, and we also had a balcony, we brought out the duvets and sat with a book and we were out there until about midnight and I honestly miss that so much and wish we were able to do that here.

The first full day I curled my hair. Then spent the morning by the pool. It gets hot there at around 15:00 everyday so it was pretty mild at this point, so we decided to go for a long ass walk along the sea front. We came across a hotel pool that looked like something that you would imagine heaven to have. It had beds, food, deck chairs, a pool, a bar, it was right next to the ocean, the list is endless, I would 100% recommend. It was called ‘Las Rocas’ and it was an ocean food restaurant but we sat in just for a jug of Sangria and lemme tell you it was strong AF. Nice though, but still strong.

After spending the majority of the afternoon in Las Rocas we carried on walking along the seafront and ended up spending another hour sunbathing on the beach. BTW if you’re on a beach in Tenerife prepare to be bombarded with hundreds of people trying to sell you stuff. I’m the type of awkward person that doesn’t want to be rude and ignore them but at the end of the holiday you’d be hundreds of pounds out of pocket, but I guess at least you had a nice foot massage, a towel to lie on, unlimited amount of watermelon and your hair braided.. right? 

After chilling on the beach for sometime we then walked as far as The Hard Rock Cafe which was about an hour walk from our hotel if you didn’t stop like us. It was a beautiful walk there, with palm trees in every direction you looked. The Hard Rock Cafe like always is beautiful and full of atmosphere. We sat with drinks upstairs on the balcony taking in the view of all the mountains around us, then wandered to the shops which were directly opposite. Now when I go on holiday, as much as I love shopping, I’m not one to head for the shops but there was this big duty free shop that stood out to me and was basically calling my name with all the handbags in the window. There was loads of them scattered around the town and this is where I purchased my first ever Valentino bag. After debating buying it for a hot minute I nearly walked off without it, what was I thinking?! I’m so happy I bought it and I even went back the next day to buy my friend one for her birthday.


The next day was more than less a repeat of what happened the day before, we started off by the pool, went for a walk to Hard Rock Again. On the way this time though we stopped off at a little restaurant for dessert and had the nicest Strawberries and Cream pudding. We stopped off at the same Las Rocas seafood restaurant but this time actually had a swim in the pool and then ended up at The Hard Rock Cafe (but for a meal this time) once again. 

That night we went out around 22:00 to a shopping centre where we only window-shopped and then ended the day in a Chinese eating Soup with bread rolls (one of the nicest bread rolls I’ve ever tasted btw).

Day 3 was another chill day, that we spent wandering the streets of Costa Adeje, it was full of cocktails, sunbathing and exploring and overall I had a really good time. The sun is always very hot there and I ended up instead of getting tan lines – getting burnt lines :< which didn’t go down great at night. I mean how does one manage to burn their feet?? It’s all tan now but it was ridiculous at the time. I even burnt my forehead!! And before someone wonders why I was stupid and didn’t put any sun cream on, I had factor 50 on!! FACTOR 50! Factor bloody 50 and I still burnt!!

The next day was Siam Park! If you like water parks and visit Tenerife, Siam Park is a must. There’s rides for all the family and they even have a lazy river that you can just relax on while also being on a dingy. There was a pretty decent amount of family rides I noticed which was really great for the whole family to have fun. There were millions of deck chairs for you to leave your towels on and not worry about when you’re on the rides. There’s also lockers for you valuables such as backpacks and clothing. The queues weren’t at all that bad either, I would say a 10-15 minute queue for each. At the end of the day the Siam Park bus to Costa Adeje was meant to pick us up and drop us off at our resort. Well.. as soon as we got on the too full double decker (we were the last people on and the majority of people were standing up or sitting on the staircase as it was that packed) someone noticed a scent of burning, and basically from there it all went tits up.

The bus eventually started moving, got down the street, then more and more people could smell the smell of burning. People were shouting to the driver that they could smell something and either he chose to ignore everyone or he just didn’t know english, and when you’re on a double decker full of Brits and one person starts panicking, we all start panicking. My dramatic ass at one point thought the bus was about to blow up – it didn’t of course. Anyways long story short, about half of us got off the bus and walked back (surprisingly it wasn’t that far) and the other half stayed and waited for something to happen. After about 15 minutes into our trek back to the resort the bus passed us with their hazard lights on so just incase you were wondering – the bus didn’t explode and nobody was killed – I don’t think.

So what do you do after a traumatic experience as such – you go for a pizza at an Italian and then cozy off to bed.


Day 5 was the submarine day. We again arranged a bus to pick us up from our resort (this one didn’t break down thank God) and it was about a hour journey to get to where it was held. The submarine could fit probably around 30 people in it and we went right out to the bottom of the ocean. There were plenty of fish around and we passed two divers which was really cool to see. I always get sea sick and I did feel sea sick once I was under there which might surprise you so I’m not too sure I would recommend this activity to everybody, but it’s only around 40 minutes you’re in there, then you’re back out in the fresh air again – until you get on the hour long bus journey back to your resort.

When we did get back to our resort we spent the rest of the afternoon sunbathing on the sundecks of our hotel. I’m never one to sit still and do nothing so I always take a book down with me to keep me entertained. I read Enchantée by Gita Trelease which I have a book review on (WHAT I READ APRIL 2019) and it was amazing by the way! Once I’d finished it, we got ready to go out for dinner.We went to Harley’s Restaurant and I had the nicest vegetable fajitas ever! It was such a cool restaurant with retro 70’s cars outside it where people could actually sit and have their dinner! You should definitely check it out if you go.


Once waking up hella early the next day we prepared ourselves to go up Mount Teide. A 3718m high volcano in Tenerife. The views were amazing! We got a mini bus up with a load of other people and firstly went around a village with incredible views also, then we all traveled up Mount Teide. When we arrived at the cable cars in order to get to the very top, we all got out of the mini van and had set instructions to be back at the bus in just over an hour. Once we were up after the cable cars (which were scary af btw but totally worth it) the view was unreal. It was so beautiful and magical and breathtaking, better than anything you are imagining right now. It was stunning. Once you are up there, there is a big change in altitude which made a few people feel sick but just made us a bit weirder, just to warn you.

After arriving back at the mini bus 20 minutes late (safe to say the rest of the holiday makers hated us) we then traveled to a winery. We had samples of wine there and the best part about it was the Canarian Potatoes!  I mean seriously how have I not tried these before? They were lush!Because of how much I liked them, that night (our last night) I bought a whole plate of them to share between us. They are the best potatoes I have ever had and feel they NEED to be sold in Britain.



The last day was a weird one. From being in the sun for too long I started to lowkey get moody, which is when we realized that we’re all now ready to just get back home. After Googling it, study shows that people get angry or grumpy in warm weather as stress hormones may rise in tandem with the thermometer. And after spending a week in the sun, this was kicking in. I spent the day on the hotel computers reading InTheFrow’s  blog in the cool air of the hotel’s reception and honestly it was such a relaxing day that I enjoyed it.

Just as we were waiting for the bus to take us to the airport it got delayed. We ended up getting to the airport at 18:00 and the flight was at 19:15 so all the relaxation that we had before was now out the window. We had to queue to check in which was about 30 minutes, get our suitcases sorted, find out you’re not allowed electrical’s in there (the rules are different there apparently), get all the electrical’s out the suitcase and put them into the hand luggage, try and close the suitcase, practically run to the security section, have to empty all our electrical’s into the tray to be put through security, re-pack our bags, go through another section of security to show our passports and boarding passes and then finally get in queue for our plane. And then as if anything else couldn’t go worse, we were boarding the wrong plane. So, 5 long hours later,  after nearly ending up in Exeter, we landed in Manchester. Finally.

Overall I did have an amazing time whilst I was there and I would recommend Tenerife as a good place to go for anyone looking at travelling to a Canary Island. If you guys want me to do more posts like this or have any other questions about where to go to be sure to write a comment down below.

Thank you for reading.

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