If you follow my Instagram you in no doubt know how many concerts and festivals I attend each year. They’re my favorite thing to go too. Not only is the thrill of having an amazing time with all your friends listening to your favorite bands enough excitement, you also get to pick out your festival look. Since I love colorful clothing and makeup there is no funner fashion than festival fashion. If you’re not attending Glastonbury or V festival in neon or the most vivid colors going then you’re doing it wrong.

You also get to create the most extravagant makeup looks. I am not one for camping at festivals, I honestly couldn’t think of anything worse than being soaking wet all day and then not being able to go back to a real bed so I am all for staying in hotels even if that isn’t considered the whole ‘real festival experience’. That means on the morning of the festival I am able to do my makeup in front of a full size mirror and at my own pace whereas if you’re camping… I’m not too sure I could say the same, plus if you end up having a meltdown of it not going right and there’s no taps or towels to wipe all the glitter away well.. don’t blame me.

Here’s 2 looks that are colorful and crazy and completely suitable for your next festival.

Halo Blue 


What I love to do with my festival makeup looks is match it with what I’m wearing. So this vivid blue Adidas jacket went perfectly with this blue eyeshadow and I 100% looked festival ready.

The actual eyeshadow look was pretty easy to do. I started off by using tape to get the perfect shape to my eye look and went in with a pale blue transition color all on my lid up to my brow bone. I then built the color up with a more pigmented light blue until I liked the color it gave off on the lid. With a navy colored shadow, I blended it along my outer V to create depth in the look and used similar shades around it until everything appeared blended.

Then I concealed my lid and went over it with a white shade. I blended everything out with a more bigger brush until I liked how everything looked and with a Barry M blue eyeliner (which I talk about in my next festival edit post) I outlined my crease. I removed the tape to get the perfect sharp line and it made the effect I was wearing eyeliner which I loved. I used the same Barry M blue eyeliner to create a circle by my eye to spice the look up a bit and also did two horizontal lines on my nose which I have seen everywhere at festivals this season.

Green Glitter 


If you can’t tell already, I am all one for doing easy looks. Although I look like a new member of Wicked, this look is very festival ready, especially with the tie-dye top I paired it with.

I got my tape out like usual for the perfect shape and then went straight in with a light mint green shade for the transition color. I didn’t do it as high as the last look, this time I went along my crease and outer V and not up to my brow bone. Then I went in with a more pigmented green and went over the whole transition color and really got a gist of how I wanted the look to appear. I then went in with a darker green on my outer V to create depth as I didn’t want the look to appear all one sparkly color.

I then concealed my lids and went straight in with the glitter. I used the NYX glitter glue and then the NYX silver glitter and dabbed it all over my lid until I was satisfied. Then with a more Shamrock green I went carefully over the top of the glitter to make the whole look green but sparkly and festival approved. I then added black eyeliner and removed the tape so that everything looked sharp and well thought out.

After foundation I included a dark emerald green on my lower lashline to really pull the whole look together and for added effect, I used the Rimmel London Love heart stamp tattoo near my eye and I definitely then looked ready to step out in Creamfields.

I always love adding to my Festival Edit and hopefully there is a lot more to come in the future. There’s honestly nothing I love more than being stuck on a muddy field with my best friends listening to music and I hope to attend many more festivals in Summer 19.

Thank you for reading, and if there are any other suggestions on festival topic posts I should do then please leave a comment down below.

My Instagram – @tjblogs


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