From the stress of college results and choosing the right University to being front row at a Drake concert and making my own clothes. 2019 will definitely be remembered for all the right reasons and the journey it’s lead me on. After losing and gaining friends, getting my first real part time job in between college, and working very hard on my own personal wellness.. you could say 2019 has taught me the meaning of balance, gratefulness and what it means to be and stay on your grind, and I am appreciative of everything that I’ve had to face that has challenged me this past year. 

I’ve experienced many highs and many lows focusing on the lessons of each one. I’ve taught myself to be grateful for the situation that I’m in even when I feel as though everything’s going wrong. I’ve put all my effort into things then to be disappointed with the outcome but pushed myself to work even harder next time. I’ve overworked and spent nights stressed with no energy to do anymore but managed to overlook that and find a balance between managing my time perfect enough to suit me. I’ve been upset over pointless things and learnt to be happier by gaining much more confidence, my mental health has been on a crooked journey only to make me much more stronger by the end of it. Right now I’m 17, and I’m happy to say that I’m only just getting started. 


As you could probably tell, 2019 has taught me a lot about myself. Since January I’ve read approximately 37 books, 2 of which being self help, 1 being Michelle Obama’s biography and 1 being Charli Howards’s Misfit. All of them leaving me with new knowledge of some sort and benefiting me in some way. From reading biography’s I realised that a lot of people think alike in a way where we all have our good moments and we all have our bad moments and that it’s all in the process of learning and growing. I started to think seriously about my future and educated myself on what I really stand for. I learnt a lot about the negatives of working in Fashion this year but I also learnt many, many of the positives. I did much more this year of what really makes me happy and decided to see where that takes me.

I educated myself on the topic of Climate change and took a huge interest in Greta Thunberg’s movements. I haven’t been to any climate protests but hopefully that will change by next year. I started to get more involved with Breast Cancer Research and started to really use my platform in ways I thought would benefit my readers whilst still producing content I enjoyed.


Music and Friends was also a major key to not only my happiness but also my well being. I’ve took risks in my fashion choices and become a lot more confident in wearing whatever I want most definitely thanks to the fashion icon Jaden Smith. Although most of my friends don’t attend the same college as me, I know they’re always there and we can call each other and meet up whenever. I went to see one of my best friends who is still in sixth form for a catch up and we ended up gossiping for around 5 hours straight without even realising. Having great friends that can take your mind off things is one of the best things to have when times get rough and this year I’ve truly learnt how to spot which ones those are. Negative energy is a no go and not benefiting you in any way, be clear with what and who makes you happy and whatever doesn’t should be left behind just like that.


It’s safe to say that January 2019 me and December 2019 me are two very different people. As I’m in bed writing this right now listening to ACDC Thunderstuck I realise that I’m still the same old me that headbangs to my dad’s music with him in his car only now more wiser. I grow with every decision, every bad choice and every failure. In 10 years time, wherever I am in the world, whatever job I’m in or whatever job I’m not in I hope at the end of the day to still be able to headbang to whatever heavy metal song my dad decides to play, because that is how I’ve grown up and made me into who I am today.

2019 has prepared me hugely. I know that there’s still going to be huge challenges to face when they come, I know that not every moment is going to be a happy moment but I know that everything happens for a reason, even if I do question why sometimes.


Thank you for reading, I hope 2020 is amazing and full of blessings for you all. Let me know in the comments what this year has taught you all? The biggest thing 2019 has given me was confidence and independence as well as a ton of amazing memories, I hope you all have a great new year and get that bag all 2020 haha.

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