I saw this theme on Kelsey Simone’s Youtube channel and just had to do my own spin on things… The influential Youtuber got inspired by the beautiful makeup of the French and decided to show her viewers her own take on coming up with ideas inspired around the subject. This of course got me inspired to take on French brands and designers, leading me to now to show you guys my take on doing things the French way but TJ Blogs style.

How could I do a post on French Fashion and not include a beret? This beret has spent almost 3 years sitting in my wardrobe since my school French trip and it’s finally come in handy again. Almost everywhere on the high street is selling them now it’s hard to find a shop that doesn’t, so getting one shouldn’t be a problem at all. My t-shirt on the other hand is black to match the beret and from a new and upcoming brand called ‘Drôle de Monsieur’ which take my word for it – is gonna be huge in the future. It says on it “Not from Paris Madame” which you’ve probably already guessed is why I decided to use it in this look and a bonus is it’s actually a French company too.

As you can also tell from the images my outfit is very mismatched and layered, using bright tones against black. I took inspiration from the French clothing brand Vetements when they took to the catwalk in Paris Fashion Week to showcase their Spring 2019 Ready to Wear pieces. There were pastels paired with dark’s that appealed to me most that I decided to incorporate into my look. So not only was the T-shirt by a French company, the beret originally a French tradition, but the whole concept of the look is from a catwalk made by a French designer showcasing in France’s capital. Please tell me I get a 10/10 for creativity, I thought long and hard about this one haha.

Links to outfit: Black Wool Beret

Green Funnel Neck Bodysuit

Drôle de Monsieur Classic Slogan T-Shirt

Belted Cargo Trousers

Black faux fur trim cape

Vetements Catwalk – Inspiration 

Another French Cliche has to be stripes, and what better colour than yellow? I decided to go with the brand Comme des Garçons and although it’s a Japanese brand the whole concept is French fashion so ideally it was perfect. If you didn’t know already, Comme des Garçons is French for “like boys” inspired by the lyrics “Comme les garçons et les filles de mon âge” by the 60’s French artist Francoise Hardy. It really is a brand mostly inspired by the French which is why it’s in the perfect place for this blog post. The rest of the look shows layers and accessories which is associated with Parisian style. Although Adidas beanie’s aren’t the most popular in France, neutral toned head wear is, which is why I went for it (and partly because I was having a bad hair day but we’ll ignore that bit). The bottom half of my outfit is dark and the top half bright, going back to what I said earlier about it being popular within Paris Fashion Week.  It was a fun look to style although I did end up looking like Greta Thunburg (who I love BTW) so maybe next time I should focus on Swedish style instead haha.

Links to outfit: Adidas Grey Beanie

Comme des Garçons Long Sleeved Tee

The North Face 1990 Mountain Q Jacket

Black Skinny Jeans

Challenging myself to create this blog post was so much fun to do and whilst doing it I learnt much more about French Fashion than I thought I would. I hope you guys enjoyed this post too and got inspired in some way or another to start getting creative with Fashion.

Let me know in the comments what French Fashion trends you like the look of most?

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