Since the author Richard Templar is male I wasn’t sure what I was going to think of this book as a man’s perspective on life can be completely different to a woman’s, but it was surprisingly relevant for both genders and didn’t lean more towards male stereotypes at all. I bought it as an impulse buy when I was at London Euston thinking I’d read it on the train home but was around 4 months out haha. I read it last month but it’s one of those books that aren’t easy to forget. But, is it really worth the title of ‘international bestseller’?…


There’s over 100 rules of getting the most out of life included in this book, whereas a lot seem obvious, the explanations and quotes that go with them are actually pretty inspiring. When I first started reading this I recommended it to my mum who replied with a ‘I don’t live by the rules’ which got me questioning if I really wanted too and if I should even be reading the book in the first place. Once I’d finished it, I came to the conclusion that it didn’t include rules I directly had to live by, it was rules that are necessary to follow for a happier and more content life.


It highlights problems that you’ve most likely had and gives solutions on how to handle them. It covers rules for yourself,  for your relationship, for family and friendships and lastly; social rules. I went through the book with a highlighter in case I want too look back at it in the future or if a friend wants to borrow it but only cares about the important messages. I think it’s a great way of reminding yourself how amazing life can be if you let it and a great tip is to highlight as you go along.

My favourite part is the quote on finding all the good things about someone. It says ‘Your job is to find that good bit and highlight it, speak about it, draw attention to it.’ which I think is very important! If you like something about someone tell them! If you think positively of someone, let them know don’t keep it in your head, it could end up making someones day and change a certain way they feel about themselves for all we know. The book includes many quotes like this and makes all more of a reason to keep reading on.


Thank you for reading, personally I would recommend this book if you are wanting to go on a process of change and feeling up for a self help type book. Let me know in the comments if you have any recommendations to anything similar?

Link to buy: The Rules of Life 

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