Last Wednesday I went down to London with my friend Kira and ended up seeing some of the coolest places in Shoreditch. We only spent an evening there but managed to fit a lot in as well as missing three of the trains home we planned to catch. This was my first time there and it’s safe to say I’d definitely go back. So without rambling on, here’s 4 of the best reasons to visit Shoreditch when you’re ever in London.

1. The Thrift Shops


The first thrift shop we visited was called Atika. I actually found out about it through Tiktok haha but it did not disappoint once we got there. It had a few high street brands such as The Ragged Priest but most of it was all either vintage or reworked. I ended up buying a cute sweatshirt made from 2 different recycled sweatshirts people have brought in!! It was a seriously cool store and not like anything we’ve got up North.

Another one worth mentioning is Cream which is located only around the corner from Atika. This one sold a lot more high fashion brands such as vintage Dior and Fendi. It even had the Dior pink and white pattern that has made a hugeeee comeback and hard to buy from anywhere. The Lady who worked there also informed us about a section that was all vintage pieces that were reworked by a designer in Italy! It’s a really cool store to check out with brands from Burberry to Gucci, if you’re a high fashion lover like myself, then it’s definitely a must see.


2. The bookshops 

The bookshop Liberia is right next door to Atika and extremely hard to miss. It’s a book heaven for any book lover. All the books are second hand because the aim of their business is to encourage interdisciplinary thinking by people buying new books equalling new ideas. It’s a very thoughtful idea whilst also being very pretty inside.


3. The Street Art 

Shoreditch is known for it’s amazing street art and after seeing it all, it did not surprise me in the slightest. It was everywhere. In tunnels, on shopfronts, on vehicles, on lampposts, you name it. Also it’s the perfect place for photo opportunities, and if you don’t get there during day time, there’s still pretty good lighting around. All of these images were taken around 6ish when it was pitch black outside and I mean.. they’re not too bad to say the least..


Thanks to Kira, we also got to see the new Louis Tomlinson artwork promoting his new album by the artist Jay Kaes. Apparently it’s pretty common for this wall on Bricklane to always be painted into something new, so unfortunately this art work won’t be there forever.


4. The Food Places 

Before leaving we went for food in a Vegan cafe called Genesis. It was really cute inside but very busy. It took almost an hour for our food to arrive and we missed out train home but the Avocado Taco’s were actually really nice. It’s a really nice place to visit especially if you’re into the Vegan lifestyle, but I’d definitely have to recommend booking in advance first!

Thank you for reading, those are my 4 reasons why you should check out Shoreditch whenever you’re in London. Leave me a comment down below if you have any other recommendations for myself and other readers to check out!

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