It’s been over a week now since I’ve been back, and in the middle of all the chaos that is happening around the world right now I have finally found time to sit down and write a blogpost all about the outfits I wore in London. I was only there from Thursday to Sunday but managed a total of 6 different outfit changes – I mean.. what else did you expect?

Since we are literally in the middle of a global pandemic right now, grab a cuppa, relax for a while and let this blogpost take your mind off things and let you enter a whole different world – full of Fashion, and let me finally show you guys what you’ve all been waiting for..

Day 1 – Train Journey 

Luckily London is only around a 3 hour train journey from my home town – but 3 hours for some can still be a considerably long time. If I’m down in London for the weekend I’ll for sure always be wearing something comfortable for the journey. In this case I wore my oversized Supreme long-sleeved tee paired with my Umbro black joggers. Although I chose comfort over style, I hate to say it but the outfit still looked pretty good. I had on a New Balance baseball cap that pulled the whole outfit together and mainly for the fact that my mum bought me a child’s ticket on the train so I had to look a lot younger hahaha but let’s not get into that 😉 The outfit was a very airport-esque style, which is not only comfy but very trendy right now. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to take any pictures in this but from the photo below, you kind of get the gist of it haha.. sorry!


Day 1 – Theatre 

Right, would you believe me if I told you I went to watch the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child stage show in my mum’s Primark Pyjama pants? Because as crazy as it sounds – that’s what I did. When we got to London (more about that in an upcoming post) my Dad spontaneously decided to buy us tickets to watch Harry Potter and the Cursed Child stage show on that very same night, and let’s just say.. I did not have an outfit prepared for this.

When I got to the room to unpack and change from my travel outfit I literally couldn’t find anything suitable for a theatre show, I mean I’m not exactly the dressy up now type am I.. I saw my mums pyjamas unpacked on her bed. Of course, this is when I had to improvise and start trying to pair things with these patterned, silk PJ pants…

It’s safe to say, it didn’t turn out that bad.  I paired them with some black boots, a plain black woolly jumper and my Dior headscarf which completed the silk look. So, yes, I think I may be the only Fashion blogger you know who styles their mum’s PJ pants to go around London in, and I will proudly allow it..


Day 2 – Morning 

My 18th Birthday. You know it was either drip or drown.. and I obviously chose drip.. in Moschino pants.. straight from the runway. I styled these Extra AF Moschino chained pants with a plain black jumper and red Valentino bumbag which essentially made the whole look. The coat I wore was a chic black Parisian style coat from River Island which also added to the elegant but street style.


Day 2 – Afternoon

Since it was my birthday you surely didn’t think I’d only be in one outfit for the whole day?! And if you’re thinking along the lines of I got glammed up in an Oh Polly dress to attend some overpriced night club – because hey it’s my eighteenth.. then oops you’re wrong – I spent it with my parents, let’s keep it PG here!! I got changed into my Prism La Flair hoodie and Stussy jeans which contrasted amazingly together. For accessories, I went in with a plain black bum bag which was around £3 from a local market, a New Balance baseball cap and a pair of Jordans on my feet, and to be fair this is one of my favourite looks from the whole trip.


Day 3 

Styling one of my favourite hoodies right now, on day 3 I wore my monochrome, graffitied style hoodie with my Collusion black track pants. The elements of white in the pants went perfectly with the white in the hoodie making an effortless look appear cooler and more put together. The handbag I chose was a silver cross body from Karl Lagerfeld and for trainers I wore my chunky beige Converse.


Day 4 – Last day 

On the last day I attended The Women’s March for International Women’s day (Read about that more here) so I knew I had to wrap up warm. On my top half – I wore a plain black sweatshirt and a beige Ralph Lauren jacket which I bought from a charity shop in Manchester. My top half was pretty plain because the pants I planned to wear were the statement piece of the outfit (no surprise there then). With one leg being tie-dye and the other plain black, it is fairly safe to say that the pants stole the show once again. Nevertheless on my head, I wore a Supreme two toned beanie and then for shoes I once again wore my chunky Converse due to the fact they were the comfiest ones I packed haha.


So that comes to the end of what I wore in London this time, I hope you all enjoyed. If you have any questions be sure to let me know in the comments, but besides that I hope you all have an amazing week, no matter what you get up to in this stressful time. Also, if anybody is feeling overwhelmed or low due to the pandemic, drop me a DM on Insta @tjblogs and I’ll be happy to make you guys feel better  xx

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