Since I am a college student, I don’t have money to spare on buying a new palette every time there’s a new launch. Instead I invest in one that I know I can create multiple looks with and possibly even be able to use on a daily basis. I know after watching a Youtube tutorial on a bomb eye shadow look that you are easily tempted to buy every single palette they used, but to save you some cash I put together 5 different eye looks I made all using the same palette which was the Urban Decay Born To Run Eyeshadow Palette.

This eye shadow palette ranges from cool neutral tones to warm, dark shades. But gives a nice variety of different colors to choose from. The eye shadows themselves are very pigmented and blend easily. It includes 21 colors in total, some metallic, matte and shimmery but the best of all the brand is 100% cruelty free.


Link to buy: Born To Run Eyeshadow Palette

Look #1 – Berry Halo Cut Crease 


To kick things off, the first look I ever tried out with this palette was this berry halo cut crease. I used the shade ‘Still Shot’ as a transition color and blended that all along my lid. Next, I marked out the line where I wanted the eye shadow to finish (normally where you put eyeliner) with the shade ‘Hell Ride’ and blended that all the way along the crease and outer V. Looking slightly crazy now, I then used the color ‘Baja’ which is a burnt orange matte, along my whole lid to add a base ready for my cut crease.

After I cut the crease with a concealer, I went in with the shade ‘Breakaway’ to set a transition color. I then used a mixture of the shades ‘Blaze’ and ‘Stranded’ to create a golden, highlighted shade and placed that along my inner and middle lid. To finish the blending, I used the shade ‘Accelerate’ in the outer lid as it blended in nicely with all the colors. To complete the whole look I took the shade ‘Hell ride’ and placed it along my lower lash line, creating a full effect.

Look #2 – Blue Halo


Okay, so this look appears a lot more complicated to create than it was. Like before, I used the shade ‘Still shot’ all over my lid for a transition color. The shade ‘Baja’ is pretty warm and since the eye shadows are also very pigmented I knew that it would be too dark, so I mixed it again with the shade ‘Still shot’.

Then, I cut the outer lid and outer crease with concealer. The shade ‘Big sky’ and ‘Radio’ created the perfect mixture between a blue and green and was well suited with the orangey shade I put on the lid. I also put that same mixture of colors on my outer lower lash line to again create a full effect but not too OTT.


(this was my favorite look out of the whole 5)


Look #3 – Rose Gold 


This look is pretty simple with ‘Still Shot’ as a transition shade and ‘Hell Ride’ along the outer V and crease. I blended the shade ‘Accelerate’ up to my brow bone to make it appear more exaggerated but as it wasn’t an extreme color it didn’t look crazy for an everyday look. I tried to add more depth to the look by including the shade ‘Punk’ on the outer lid and slightly blending it around the crease.

I then did a cut crease but only on the middle and inner lid. I went in with the shade ‘Ignite’ and ‘Stranded’ where I cut my crease and blended that out at my outer lid with the shade ‘Accelerate’. In the inner corner of my eyes, I went in with the shade ‘Breakaway’ and ‘Blaze’ at the inner corner of my eyes and blended the blue shade ‘Radio’ along my lash line.

Look #4 – Golden Bronze


When I was younger I used to put one shade of brown eye shadow across my lid then be out the door, now since my skills with makeup have improved since then I learnt that in fact it takes about 7 different brown shades to create the perfect bronzed eye look. Starting with the shade ‘Riff’ as a transition, I blended that thoroughly across my lid and used it to shape where I want to place the eye shadow. Once that was done, the shade ‘Good As Gone’ was used on the outer lid and blended into the outer V to create depth. Along the crease I then used the shade ‘Riff’ and the smallest amount of ‘Punk’ blended together.

I then concealed my whole lid and covered it with the shade ‘Double Life’ mixed with the shade ‘Smog’ to add brightness to the look. I filled my whole lid with these sparkly colors and it made a gorgeous sun kissed effect. To make it all look more put together I went in with my transition color ‘Riff’ and blended it around my crease. For my lash line, I used the shade ‘Punk’ as it creates a darker effect on the eye and blends right in to the outer V. Last but not least, for the inner corner glow I again used the shades ‘Breakaway’ and ‘Blaze’ to complete the look.

Look #5 – Turquoise lid



Moving onto a more night time look, I put together this vivid green eye look and bronzed crease. For the transition shade, you can probably guess by now, I blended the shade ‘Still Shot’ all over the lid. I then outlined the shape I want the eye shadow to be in with the shade ‘Good as Gone’. Once these colors were both blended together thoroughly, I added the shade ‘Jet’ into the outer V. It all looked a bit crazy at this point but trust me there was method in the madness.

I concealed my whole lid and went straight in with the shade ‘Big Sky’ getting a lot of it on my brush to get the most pigmentation as possible. I used that same shade on my lower lash line too to fulfill the look. To add the finishing touches, I blended the shade ‘Punk’ from my outer v across my crease and blended until all the colors that weren’t on my lid added more depth to my eyes, then the look was complete.

To wrap things up, this palette has got to be one of my favorite ones I’ve ever purchased. The colors are all individually easily blendable, and the pigment on them is also amazing. As the colors range from neutrals to reds to blues I feel as though this palette is a good one to invest in. The packaging makes it easy to pack in your makeup bag so it is suitable for travelling. Overall I am very happy with my Urban Decay On the Run palette and I would defiantly recommend buying it if you’re interested.

Thank you for reading, and if there are any other palettes you would like me to write a review on or do another 5 looks using a certain palette then please leave a comment down below.



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